No Complaints…

Well we can’t complain that summer ended early this year. There are just two official days left in the season, and yet we continue to see above average temperatures and below average rainfall.

Typically we see temperatures in the mid 70s this time of year and about three quarters of an inch of rain on the month.  This September we’ve had more 80s and 90s than 70s, and we’ve only picked up a trace of rainfall.

The only sign that fall is just around the corner is the chilly overnight temperatures.  We started out in mid 40s again today, but that won’t keep us from hitting the 80s once again this afternoon.

High pressure is locked in over the Pacific Northwest.  This will bring in the sunshine and heat and block any storms from moving in.  There are about four large storms line up, but if we trust physics and the current model projections, that high should block at least three of those from making it past the Coast Range.  This means the coast will see some light rain in the mornings, but he rest of us will see mostly sunny skies with highs in the low to mid 80s through Saturday.

The ridge of high pressure will begin to fade Sunday, allowing the door to be re-opened to the Pacific storm train.  The first storm is scheduled to arrive Sunday, followed by another Tuesday.  Although this is still pretty far off and the timing and strength of these storms could easily change over the next several days…so stay tuned.

Enjoy these last days of summer,

Meteorologist Melissa Frey

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