Don’t Put Away the Summer Gear!

The warm front made its way through overnight, before falling apart this morning.  However, we mixed a warmer air mass, with southerly winds, and for most of us, plenty of sun.  That means temperatures hit above average once again.  However, the cold front is still hanging on just off the shore, and will likely move through overnight.  That front will not bring “cold” air necessarily, but will provide mositure and uplift for some of us to catch a few drops of the wet stuff. I think a lot of us could start off with some gray skies and a chance for a light shower or drizzle, but by lunchtime most of us will start seeing the sunshine.  From Monday afternoon through the rest of the extended forecast, summer conditions will hold on.  I think maybe Mother Nature is rebelling against the start of Fall, as the first calendar day is Friday!


Generally this time of year is a transistional period.  It seems like we have one or two big Fall storms, that become game changers and launch us into Fall weather. So far, this weekend storm just pass far enough off to our north, to keep the impact to a minimum.  However, long range models are putting a large storm in the Pacific once again through the weekend, and setting it up further to the south.  Will this be the one to make it in?  Right now it is a little early to tell, but being that it is the end of September, my advice is to enjoy the summer while it lasts!


–Meteorologist Megan Taylor

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