Space Cowboy

So the exciting weather tidbit for us this week isn’t the blazing summer temperatures right before the start of Fall. No, its: Where will the UAR satellite fall??

We’ve fielded a number of emails, calls and Facebooks (?) about lights in the sky and where will it fall, etc. So I’d thought I’d link up some information about when its falling out of the sky.

The newest estimate from NASA is that the satellite will re-enter the atmosphere as early as Thursday evening and finally be finished by Saturday. As to where exactly is the $10,000 dollar question. In fact, you can even bet on splash down spots online (11-1 odds it’ll be in the ocean).
Regardless, your chances of being clobbered by some space junk is like 1 in 3200. That and the fact that the majority of the planet is water, I like the 11-1 odds myself. That said- if you are interested in tracking it yourself, there are a few on-line tracking apps out there.  The two I checked out were both bogged down and server was crashed on one through so it may be best to just check in with us as we’ll be posting on our Facebook account 🙂 A good article as well from MSNBC’s Cosmic Log is here: UAR Satellite

Keep an eye to the sky as they say … happy hunting!


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