“Phil? It’s Ned! Ned Ryerson …” Groundhog Day Returns

I have to say it’s the goofiest holiday of the entire year yet I love it. Can’t get enough of Groundhog Day, the critter or the movie (if you haven’t seen it yet, shame on you! Go and Netflix it tonight).   However, if I put my science hat on, its completely ridiculous and yet, you would be surprised how many folks take what a burrowing mammal “says” as weather Gospel. Each to his own I suppose. I don’t think we have our own local “Phil” here but if we did, we may be looking at 6 more weeks of winter as we’ll see some sunny skies by tomorrow afternoon. But then again, if he were to come out in the morning, the fog would assure no shadow. See what I mean … all in the eye of the beholder.


Oh, and if you happen to have an overwhelming need to see what the most famous of all prognosticators, here’s a link to a live webcam of Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania:   Phil’s House




Justin Stapleton


2 Responses to “Phil? It’s Ned! Ned Ryerson …” Groundhog Day Returns

  1. Melissa Frey says:

    “Watch out for that first step…its a Doozy!” “Am I right or am I right” …love it all.

    So old Phil did in fact see his shadow this morning. Looks like we’re setting in for six more weeks of winter. 🙂 ~Melissa

  2. Hannah says:

    Man oh man it’s snowing sideways…luckily going to Arizona for break!

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