Friday Update on Upcoming Winter Weather

Here’s the latest on this upcoming winter weather…

We have one last day of sunny skies and dry weather before winter returns.

Under clear skies we saw temperatures drop to 23 degrees in Eugene, Friday morning.  Highs will make it back into the mid 40s under mostly sunny skies.

Soak it up because the ridge of high pressure that has kept us sunny and dry most of this week is going to move on to the east Saturday morning.  In behind it there is a lot of cold air bottled up near Alaska, and a few storms to go with it.


The first storm will hit Saturday afternoon.  This cold front will bring in rain around lunch time while highs are in the mid 40s.  Saturday night temperatures will drop into the low 30s and by Sunday morning the cold arctic air will be overhead.


The freezing levels will drop to around 500 feet Sunday morning and will stay there through Monday.


The precipitation that we are going to see Sunday and Monday will be in showers, meaning it will be off and on and hit or miss.

Some locations on the valley floor could see as much as 2″ if a heavier shower moves overhead.  Most of us will likely see snow falling off and on this whole time, but won’t accumulate much.

The foothills and Coast range will likely see sticking snow off and on Sunday through Tuesday amounting to 3-6 inches, some seeing more than others because of the showery nature.

 Here is what the GFS is projecting for the 24 hour periods ending Monday morning:

Tuesday morning:

and Wednesday Morning:

The Cascades will see steady snow Saturday night through Wednesday night which will amount to several feet in the higher locations.

The snow level will rise to around 2,500 feet Tuesday night, 3,000 feet Wednesday and 5,500 feet Thursday.


Tuesday through Thursday there are another three storms lined up which will bring in heavy rain for all of us below the freezing level.


Stay tuned tonight and this weekend as we refine this forecast over the next 2 days!

Meteorologist Melissa Frey

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