Friday Late Night Snow Update:

Here’s the latest on our potential for snow across the region:

First I’ll say that there’s minor adjustments from this morning. Melissa and I are fairly confident in the forecast for this weekend. Models have stayed very consistent calling for a frozen airmass starting Sunday and all day Monday. I’ll say this- everyone will see snow at some time or another Sunday and Monday. The pattern will be mainly bursts of showers on and off so trying to nail down accumulation in one spot will be tricky. Those under heavy showers could pick up a quick 1-2 inches very easily.


I don’t think roads on the valley floor will be much of an issue because temps will be above freezing for most of the day and roadways will melt most of what falls even if it accumulates from time to time. That said, overnights will still drop below freezing so some icy patches are likely too. Given all that, here’s what I’m thinking tonight:


For more details keep reading:

– Rain tomorrow until overnight when it begins to change over to snow. Snow levels around 1000 feet.

– Sunday snow level drops to 500 feet and will hold around there through Monday.

– Snow showers will be on and off with heavy bursts of snow making it to the valley floor at times both Sunday and Monday. Anyone above 1000 feet will see accumulating snow of 2-5 inches or more likely.

– Valley floor won’t see much sticking on the roads as temps will be 4-5 degrees above freezing but elevated surfaces will see light accumulations. Trace to just over an inch is not out of the question.

– Foothills in the Coast and Cascade ranges 4-8″ through Monday night. Passes and ski resorts will see at least 1-2 feet.


An issue later in the week we’ll have to keep an eye out on is that the GFS is moving the cold air out a bit quicker than the other models.  So given that a warm, moist storm is headed this way, that warm air may overrun the colder air near the surface, which could lead to some freezing rain early on Tuesday before it changes back over to rain later in the day. We’ll dive into that once we get past Sunday …


– There are still some variables about where the heaviest showers set up over the weekend so we’ll continue to update through the day tomorrow, stay tuned …




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