Winter will Make a Comeback Starting Sunday

The crystal clear skies continue.  At sunset last night there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and it stayed that way all night.  The clear skies allowed temperatures to drop down into the mid 20s overnight.  The air is also pretty dry at this point, which meant fog wasn’t an issue for the morning commute.

This ridge of high pressure will stick with us through Saturday morning, keeping the dry conditions around.  High temperatures will climb into the low 40s during the afternoon  and will drop back down into the mid 20s Thursday night.

Friday and Saturday will look a bit different, we’ll see more of an on-shore flow Friday which will help more fog to form overnight, leaving Friday not as sunny, but slightly warmer.

Eventually this ridge has to move on and it looks like that will happen Saturday afternoon.  In behind it there is a lot of cold air bottled up near Alaska, and a few storms to go with it.

So, how far south will this cold air go?  How cold will the air be when it gets here?  Will there be much moisture in these storms?

As we refine the answers to these questions over the coming days it will tell us how low the snow level will go Sunday through Tuesday.

Right now the jet stream is going to be in a good formation for significant mountain snow, accumulating snow in the foothills and possibly some even to the valley floor.  The precipitation that we are going see will be in showers, meaning it will be off and on and hit or miss.

The best chances for us to see snow on the valley floor will be Sunday morning through Monday morning.  The foothills and Coast range will likely see sticking snow off and on Sunday through Tuesday and the Cascades will see over a foot between Saturday night and Wednesday night.

Stay tuned as we refine this forecast over the next 3 days! 🙂

Meteorologist Melissa Frey

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