Stagnant for now, but could we see snow in near future??

Chilly Foggy Mornings and Dry Sunny Afternoons through Saturday

A ridge of high pressure is locked and loaded over the Pacific Northwest.  High pressure clears the skies and blocks other storms from moving in. This will keep out weather pattern stagnant today through Saturday.

Eventually this ridge has to move on and it looks like that will happen Sunday.  The question is, what will move in behind the ridge?

Well I almost cried this morning with excitement as I checked the models…they are starting to align with a pattern that would bring the first substantial snow (yes even to the valley floor).

There is a lot of cold air bottled up near Alaska, and a few storms to go with it.

So, how far south will this cold air go?  How cold will the air be when it gets here?  Will there be much moisture in these storms?  As we refine the answers to these questions over the coming days it will tell us how low the snow level will go Sunday through Tuesday.

If everything stays as it is projected now then we would see the snow levels drop to at least 1,000 feet and possibly lower.  We would see period of snow to the valley floor over that 72 hour period with substantial snow in the Cascades. A lot could change between now and then, so stay tuned! 🙂


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