Santa Tracking and Rain Tracking

NORAD Santa Tracker

First things, first: Santa is on his way! The forecast from Justin’s post last night hasn’t changed. If you want to follow Santa’s progress, check out the Norad Santa Tracker. We’ve been posting updates throughout the night and will continue to do so.


While the presents are exciting, sometimes the best Christmas gift is the joy it brings to the kids.  So we’re issuing an official WxPix Challenge.  Capture that moment of pure shock and/or bliss on your child’s face when he/she opens up that special gift.  Send a photo or email us video so we can try to feature it on air.


The excitement in the weather world has grown a little more.  With over an inch to go to escape being the “driest December on record,” Mother Nature has stepped up her game.  A small storm will move through overnight and into Sunday morning, bringing in a quick round of showers.  Those showers will be out by the time we hit the mid to late afternoon.


We’ll have a few dry periods for Monday, but by Monday night, the jet stream will be pointed right at us, and we’ll be setting up for a week full of rounds of rain.  Can we get over an inch of rain? With rain chances everyday in the seven day forecast, it could happen!


Happy Holidays!

–Meteorologist Megan Taylor


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