Wacky December Weather

Melissa Frey’s Forecast Discussion


If you’re new to western Oregon, 13 days without rain in December is highly unusual.  In fact, by this point in the month we would usually have over three inches of rain!  What is also not typical are the chilly temperatures.  We’ve been below freezing 13 out of 14 days this month and our average temperature for the month is 6 degrees below average at just 34.




So is it a La Nina winter or not?  Well, it’s not technically winter just yet and we still have plenty of potentially gray, soggy days ahead.  We’ll see if this turns out to be the “calm” before the long winter “storm”


Although we don’t have any big storms on the way, we do have a few small ones.  The first one moved in last night.  Eugene picked up a tenth of an inch.  This front is now onto the east and the clouds should break up a bit in the second half of the day.


We’ll be back to dry, foggy and chilly weather by Friday.  Saturday will be mild with highs in the low 40s and partly sunny skies.  A weak storm will move through on Sunday, may squeak out a shower, but for the most part just mostly cloudy and a bit warmer.


The next organized storm is on the radar for next Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.


Have a great day!

Meteorologist Melissa Frey


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