Cold Enough For Ya?

So when I woke up and starting making coffee this AM- it was a tad icy looking out there. I remember thinking “Hmmm, it looks a bit colder than what I may have called for, better text Melissa.”  And she floored me when she said we got down to 20° in Eugene this morning!. We did some digging and this morning was the second coldest temperature that we’ve seen in almost two years! We got down to 19° back in February of this year, other than that, you have to go all the way back to December of 2009 when we tanked to 7° one icy AM. Thanks again to our “rock” here in the weather center, Melissa Frey for crunching the numbers on that.

As for tomorrow, we’ll actually see southerly winds which will bring back overnight lows above freezing (for a night anyway) and usher in our first healthy storm in about three weeks. It’s been super dry this December so far, but remember that winter officially kicks off next week, so we’ve still got plenty of time for rain and snow over the next couple of months …

Chief Meteorologist Justin Stapleton


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