High Pressure Holds Strong: More Chilly Nights to Come

Melissa Frey’s Forecast Discussion:


High pressure continues to hold strong over the Pacific Northwest.  Foggy mornings, partly sunny afternoons and chilly nights are going to continue to be the norm for the next several days.


Sunday night was the first night Eugene stayed above freezing overnight for the month of December, although we did get close, dropping to 33 degrees.


Corvallis dropped to 27 degrees overnight.  The chilly air combined with foggy conditions caused icy roadways for morning commuters.


Monday will likely bring more sunshine than what was seen over the weekend, but the clear skies at sunset will likely bring an even colder  night with lows dropping into the 20s and dense fog by sunrise.


Tuesday’s fog will be dense and persistent, keeping highs down in the upper 30s.


Wednesday through Friday will still be dry, although we should see less fog and more cloud cover.  Temperatures will still drop close to or just below freezing overnight and highs will stay in the low to mid 40s.


By the weekend this “mega” ridge should start to move on to the east.  If so, this would open the door again to the Pacific and possibly stormy conditions.  At this point, there is only about a 20 % chance for isolated showers next weekend.


Have a great Monday!

Meteorologist Melissa Frey


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