Record Low Temps and Dense Fog

Not a lot of changes in the forecast, but I wanted to share a couple of records with you.

The record for lowest temperature was tied in Roseburg for Friday at 30 degrees.  It shares the record with 1988.  I’m not sure if the record has also been set for Saturday, but we’ll now tomorrow morning.

A record was also tied for Astoria. The temperatures of 28 degrees ties the same temp set in 1994.

There is a Dense Fog Advisory for the southern Willamette Valley until noon on Sunday. Watch out for low visibility and patches of freezing fog.

— Meteorologist Megan Taylor


2 Responses to Record Low Temps and Dense Fog

  1. Kathy says:

    This Dec. is beginning to look a lot like the one we had in 2009…not fun.

  2. Melissa Frey says:

    Kathy, I was thinking the same thing! Fortunately we haven’t seen weather quite as cold as back in ’09. We stayed below freezing, day and night, December 7 -11, 2009.

    So far, we’ve made it above freezing everyday this December, and should continue to do so, at least this week.

    Check out some of the icy pictures from that week in 2009 here: (page 49)

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