Are We Sure It is Almost December?

Stormy weather moved back in for Sunday, but it really didn’t amount to a whole lot.  High Wind Warnings were issued for the north and north central coast, but was cancelled at 11 a.m.  Winds did pick up a little, but gusts were really not in that warning category long, if at all.


Here’s a look at the peak wind gusts over the 24 hour period:

24 Hour Peak Wind Gusts (6 p)


Rainfall totals were impressive in some areas, especially from Salem, north to Portland, and from Lincoln City north to Astoria.  That’s where the heavest bands went through.  However, plenty of rainfall made it further south, with areas in the southern Willamette Valley picking up just shy of 0.10″ of rain in slightly over an hour at times.


The rain and clouds will help trap that warm air in , with temperatures holding in the low to mid-40’s overnight.  Speaking of temperatures, highs were very warm today.  Check out some of today’s highs, compared to average temps.

Sunday’s Highs Compared to Average and Record Temps

NEWPORT: 54 (Avg = 53, Record = 64)
PORTLAND: 57 (Avg = 49, Record = 63)
SALEM: 58 (Avg = 49, Record = 67)
EUGENE: 60 (Avg = 49, Record = 66)

NORTH BEND: 57 (Avg = 53, Record = 72)
ROSEBURG: 59 (Avg = 50, Record = 64)
MEDFORD: 53 (Avg = 49, Record, 64)

BEND(ARPT): 57 (Avg = 43, Record 66)
REDMOND: 62 (Avg = 44, Record = 62, tied with 1980)


The storm will be out of the way by the end of the morning, with mostly sunny skies possible for most of the afternoon on Monday and Tuesday afternoon.  The next storm is set for Tuesday overnight into the mid-morning on Wendesday. This one also looks to be non-threatening, and should move in and out pretty quickly.  All of the major models are on track with a similar scenario now, after struggling the last few days to decide what direction the storm would move from here.  Thereafter, another ridge will move close, keeping things clear into the weekend.

While we just finished up a couple days where ridge conditions kept us dry and warm, I’m not going as warm on temperatures this week.  The main reason is the position of the high pressure and the direction of the winds.  Over the weekend, we had winds out of the south, and the high pressure eventually moved to our southeast, pushing up the warm air.  The winds were also strong enough to mix that warm mid-level air down to the surface.

With the storm that is moving through now and the one that will move in mid-week, we’ll keep the winds more out of the north.  Plus, most of the time, the high pressure will off shore, pushing cooler air into the mid-levels.  So even though we’ll see some sunshine, and warm 850’s, I think wind speed and direction at the surface will keep us cooler.


— Meteorologist, Megan Taylor

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