Cool Temps On the Way

The pre-frontal rain that moved in today is starting to break up and become more isolated.  The main story with this front is the cold air lingering behind it.  The actual cold front will move through during the overnight hours, leaving a pocket of chilly air for Monday.  Beyond the morning, clouds and fog will decrease and we could see mostly sunny skies by mid-afternoon.  Monday night Halloween activities, including Trick or Treating, will be dry but a little cool.


A small ridge will move in by the end of Tuesday, but because of the set up, will help to usher in cold air, while keeping skies clear.  That feature will not last long, as our next disturbance is lining up for Wednesday night.


The storm that will end the work week is one I’m really interested in.  The reason is because this could be the first really good snow in the Cascades.  Right now, models are taking temperatures very low, where breaking out of the upper 40’s will be difficult for Thursday through Saturday in the valleys.  Also, the moisture forecasted with the storm is significant enough to lay down several inches of snow at the ski resorts.  With temperatures falling so low, we could be talking about snow levels down to 4,500′ to 4,000′ on Thursday and Friday.  If that happens, travelers will have to be very careful when driving through the passes, and make sure to have proper tires or chains.


Right now it is a little way out to forecast the snow level, but I don’t think we’ll be talking about the south hills or lower altitude foothills picking up snow.  While a few overnight flakes could happen in some foothill areas, I think most of the action will stay closer to the passes.  We’ll keep watching how this storm develops and keep posting updates throughout the week.


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