What’s Thicker Than Water Again?

While reading Mark Nelsen’s blog, he’s the chief weather dude at Fox 12 in Portland, I was intrigued by his latest entry that dealt with a nasty email from a viewer that made me want to share it with you all. Now before you read this and say “I’d never send something like that …” You’re right, 99.9% of us wouldn’t. BUT- as Melissa, Megan and I can all tell you, that .1% does and will do at will. Here’s the email he received:

Mr. Mark Nelson,

   You and your fellow employees told your viewers that last week, including myself that there would be at best little to no rain… Please DON’T stand up there and give yourself a good grade this Monday night…You Blew It again…

   You should take lessons from channel 6 weather, they are spot on…

   Do I expect you to write me back, absolutely not… So please don’t stand up there this Monday night and make a fool out of yourself… I think that you only because I’m in a good mood, You GOT NO BETTER then a D…

               Dr. XXXXX XXXXX / Ph.D.


On a positive note- I don’t receive that many like this but they generally come in after we have a forecast that doesn’t go as planned like we had at times this weekend.   I’ll be the first to say that I personally didn’t see the rain coming on Sat. during the Duck game, in fact, just about all the computer models didn’t either. And sometimes, it just happens. That’s why I tell students that a forecast is different than a prediction. And talk to folks when I’m in public to think of trying to predict where a leaf will float on a river, what path it will take. They generally say “It depends on a lot of things, like how fast the river is flowing, size of the leaf, any obstacles in its way, etc … ”

That’s generally when I say “Exactly …” Since the atmosphere is basically a fluid, its constantly evolving, changing and any and all variables will come into play. Like this weekend, we had expected the ridge to build into Oregon and while it did, it stopped around the Rogue Valley for Saturday. Meanwhile, pieces of energy were breaking off of the jet stream and drifting NE right into our backyard with some showers, and voila, rain.

This is a very humbling business at times and also one that you have slap on an SPF 50 when the heat is turned on you. But it beats working for a living 😉



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