Stormy Weather On The Way

So if you’ve watched any of the newscasts over the past two days, you may or may not have seen a slightly giddiness in the weather team. Here’s a hint: you have!

Tuesday will bring our first big storm of the Fall season. As you can see on the graphic, we’re expecting a very windy coastline Tue. afternoon before the front arrives, QPF estimates (basically how much rain is coming) are anywhere from .50-.80″ for Western Oregon, and cold air to spill in on Wednesday bringing the first accumulating snowfall just above the Passes and into the ski resorts.

Our in-house forecast model is lined up fairly well with the more commonly used weather models and place the first wave to hit the coast around 5-ish and moving across the valley around 8p.  AND if we can get some sun breaks on Wednesday, the cold air aloft could generate enough of a temperature differential between there and the surface that we’ll kick off a few thunderstorms by late afternoon.

We’re getting into the time of year where weather folk earn their keep in this part of the country. Frankly we love it! We’ll be updating throughout the day tomorrow.


2 Responses to Stormy Weather On The Way

  1. Jeff Newton says:

    Well, lets hope this storm makes an interesting pass through the state and see what it does in the long term, packing thunderstorms with it? Interesting, let’s see how snap, crackle and pop too – no, not the cereal, the storms… Jeff

  2. mcjantone1 says:

    P.S. I think the storms are already HERE… :)) Lets hope we can make it through the season, without getting wet–( INSIDE)

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