The Storm Train is on the Way (Choo, Choo!)

Are you ready for fall to really set in?  As we say good-bye to September, and hello to October, it is really going to start feeling and looking like fall.


This morning we started to see the clouds roll in ahead of the next cold front.  This will keep our temperatures in the mid 70s.  The front it self will slide through Saturday, bringing scattered showers to most of western Oregon.  Temperatures will only make it into the upper 60s.


Sunday we’ll be in-between storms, but the next one is lined up for Sunday night.  We’ll stay mostly cloudy and cool during the day, but a cold front will move in during the second half of the day.  The rain from this front will start Sunday night and will continue through Monday.


The storm train keeps going from there.  The next storm, is also a cold front, but with this one we’ll also see the associated low pressure area.  Basically this means the rain will begin Tuesday and continue through Thursday.  We may also see some strong winds with this one.


So with all that said, get out the rain gear, it’s going to be a soggy week!


Have a great Weekend!

Meteorologist Melissa Frey

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