This is why we call it a “cold front!” While these temps are just mild compared to winter temperatures, compared to yesterday this has been a big change! Check out some of the local temperature changes:



As for rainfall, it has been pretty hit or miss.  The first band came through during the early hours of the day, and broke up rather quickly.  Behind the front that is now in Eastern OR/Western ID, has been enough moistures for a broken line of showers and thunderstorms.  Some areas have had showers sit over their location all day.  Others, have just picked up a quick sprinkle or light shower and that’s it.  It has been 29 days since the Eugene Airport reported at least 0.01″ of rainfall (August 25) and 68 days since we’ve registered at least 0.10″ of rainfall (July 17).  However, several of us at least picked up a couple one-hundreths of an inch.  Here are the latest from the NWS Mesonet system:


Not a lot of changes in the forecast.  The only thing I’ve really amended is for the storm that will develop in the middle part of the week, and move onto shore Thursday night into Friday.  As of right now, most models in agreement that it will skim the area, rather than move onshore like the one last night.  So I’ve scaled back rain chances for Thursday night into Friday morning, to only include the northern Coast.  However, at the end of the forecast, a new storm could form that would move onshore Saturday night through Sunday.  That could mean another round of cooler air and showers.  It’s that time of year to enjoy the sunny days while you can, before it turns to clouds and rain 7-days a week; the weather we’re so famous for here in the Pacific Northwest!


Have a great week!


Meteorologist, Megan Taylor

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