Fall Shows Up on Sunday!

Better late than never? Well, I guess mother nature figured that since summer came a little late this year, she’s let us have a couple extra days before we jump into Fall.  Time’s up, our first real taste of fall is just hours away.


The jetstream has dipped pretty low, and is allowing plenty of cool air to move in from the north.  Add to that a large circulation that is releasing small storms off the south end, and we’re left with a string of fronts that will be moving through.  On Saturday we caught the warm side of the storm, with temperatures soaring in the mid-80’s and low 90’s, with mid-90’s just east of the Cascades.  The cold front will move in during the morning on Sunday, with a band of rain preceding it.  So that means we’ll make the switch from summery, sunny, and warm, to cool, cloudy, and soggy.  Check out this water vapor image from Saturday night.  Ton’s of moisture out there, just waiting to move in!

Courtesy College of DuPage

After our first taste on Sunday, a second front will move through Monday also.  This one will have similar timing, but will be a little further north.  That means portions of the Umpqua Basin may not pick up showers right away Monday morning, and it may be the afternoon or early evening.  Tuesday will likely start off soggy for most of us, with showers breaking up by the end of the day.

24 Hour Precipitation Accumulation from 5 am Sunday to 5 am Monday

From there it looks like we’ll have a small ridge clear things out a little.  Given the strength of the storm in the northern Pacific, and the weakness of the ridge to the south now, I think we have a good chance of a warm up, but not above average temperatures.  So I kept conservative with the forecast for the middle part of the week.  Thereafter, another piece of the cold, soggy storm may push through late Thursday into Friday morning.  Long range models are clearing us out for Saturday.  However, when this time of year rolls around and the transitional weather begins, a lot can change in just a day or two.  So keep checking in for changes in for the extended forecast!  Have a great Sunday!


Meteorologist, Megan Taylor

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