‘Star Wars’-like Planet Found

This one is for all the Luke Skywalker fans out there. This is a picture of Tatooine. No, not really, but scientists at the Carnegie Institute in Washington say this is the closest thing that has ever been found to the fictional planet that was home to Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

It is called “Keplar 16-b”, a large planet in the Keplar-16 solar system, a mere 200 light-years away from Earth. The planet (little black ball in the foreground) is roughly the size of Saturn and orbits around two distinct stars or suns, similar to the planet of “Tatooine” in the ‘Star Wars’ series. In fact, if you remember that iconic scene where Luke is looking out at the suns setting, longing to leave his humdrum life and join the rebellion (ok- I may or may not have seen ‘Star Wars’ more than once …), Lucas’ editing trick was to film the sun setting at two different points in the sky and lay one on top of the other in the final film.

However, scientists believe that it is not the new hotbed for interstellar heroes as the planet is most likely uninhabitable because of the wide temperature swings. Either way, still cool that it debunks the previous idea that such a planet could only exist with two suns was just make believe. Shows that science is indeed, cooler than fiction …

The full article is here: Star Wars Tatooine




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