Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!!

We’re down to eight days and counting until the first day of Fall…and I have to admit…I’m starting to get a little giddy.

While the summer season is a nice break from the rain and pretty spectacular here in western Oregon, it is quite boring for us meteorologists with no cold fronts and no mid-latitude cyclones to forecast.  But all seasons eventually come to an end, and we’re starting to see that transition this week (hence my excitement).

Water Vapor Satellite from Thursday morning, showing broken cold front from NE Washington to SW Oregon

A  weak cold front is going to swing through Thursday.

There isn’t much upper level support for this one, and the Eugene area is only going to see the very southern tip of the front.  So not much to write home about this one, but it will keep us cool and mostly cloudy with the slight chance of a sprinkle or two.

Friday and Saturday we’ll be in between systems with zonal flow.  The marine layer will likely move back in Friday and Saturday mornings, keeping temperatures cool in the low 70s.

A second front is going to move in on Sunday.  This one is a bit stronger and should hold together.  The main energy of the jet will still be the north of us, so the best chances for rain will be in the northwest corner of the state, but it has the potential to bring in some light rain for all of western Oregon.

Infrared satellite image showing cold front in the Gulf of Alaska

By the middle of next week we’re looking at a slight warm up.  High pressure is on the rebound which will clear out the clouds and warm us up.  Summer is still in session and we may not be done with the 80s after all!


Have a great Thursday,

Meteorologist Melissa Frey

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