The Transition

Well it looks like we’ve officially entered the transition … the transition from summer to fall.  After eight straight days in the 90s, we dropped to the 80s for Sunday and Monday.  (This is only the third time on record that we’ve had an eight day stretch of 90 degree days.  The last time was in the 70s and the time before that was in the 40s.)

This is the 1km visible satellite image.

Tuesday we’re looking at very similar conditions as Monday.

As you can see to the right, westerly flow has pushed the marine layer through the gaps in the Coast Range and up into the foothills.  Did you see the dew/mist Tuesday morning?  It didn’t officially rain (although I fielded many complaints), but the clouds were hanging very low. These clouds will stick with us through mid day and will keep our temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s once again.

The temperatures will continue to fall from there though.  Continued westerly flow will bring in a weak cold front Thursday followed by a second one on Sunday.  Basically all that we’ll see from these is extra cloud cover and cooler temperatures.  Thursday is looking to be the coolest day this week at just 71 degrees.

We officially have 10 days of summer left, but the next 7 will look more like fall.  I might just have to go find my self a cup of hot chocolate!

Have a great Tuesday!


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