At the Beginning of a Big Cool Down

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for a break from this heat!  While it does feel like summer got a late start and may even be cut short, we’ve been far luckier than the rest of the country in regards to dangerous heat and drought.


Yesterday we saw some areas in the southern Willamette Valley only break low-80’s.  Some of that was because of a thin layer of cloud cover, but mostly because consistent strong winds that were aligned vertically brought down cooler air to the surface.  Now that the high pressure is starting to back off, the rest of the area will start to come down as well.  There is a pretty impressive storm in the Pacific right now, but it doesn’t look like we’ll take a direct impact from it.  Instead, the ridge will move out, the big storm will move northeast, and we’ll be stuck in the middle.  That will return us to the pattern we started the summer with which is a cloudy start and sunny finish.

As for temperatures, most of us will be back to the 80’s today, with most of us in the low 80’s tomorrow.  By Wednesday, the Willamette Valley will slip into the upper 70’s, with the Umpqua Basin hitting upper 70’s by Thursday.  So from Saturday to Wednesday/Thursday we’ll see a 20 degree temperature drop! While this will feel like an extreme change to some of us, we’ll actually be closer to average, as right now we should be in the upper 70’s.  Of course, the coast will be the area in which changes will be muted.  We’ll keep the morning fog, some afternoon clouds, and temps in the low 60’s.

Rain chances right now are not looking good, but the GFS is putting a disturbance in Saturday that could bring an isolated shower.  However, the Euro and Canadian models are not quite in line yet.  Given the time of year, it would make sense to start seeing a few disturbances start moving in, but with a big ridge of high pressure not far away, it wouldn’t surprise me if the disturbance is pushed north or chewed up.


Have a great Monday!

–Meteorologist, Megan Taylor


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