Cool Down On the Way…Eventually

Saturday ended up not only being one of the hottest days of 2011, but also broke that 8-day 90+ degree temperatures stretch.  Here are some of our local highs.

High Temperatures from the NWS


Air quality was also back in the moderate category of LRAPA’s Air Quality Index.  While surface winds have changed direction a little, and are not consistently out of the east, upper level motion continues to bring smoke over from central Oregon.  However, it makes for some pretty sunsets with all those particulates in the air.

Taken with my cellphone on Chad Drive.

Not a whole lot has changed in the forecast.  It still looks like high pressure sticking around through Monday, with temperatures only falling a little.  By Tuesday, more zonal flow pattern enters the area by the evening, which will not only help us cool down, but will bring back a little morning cloud cover on Wednesday.  By Thursday night, GFS is pushing through a small wave of energy that would drop temperatures a little more and give us partly sunny skies.  The GEM (Canadian) agrees, but the ECMWF (Euro) doesn’t pull the disturbance in until early Friday.  Either way, we’ll catch a much deserved cool down and a change to let our A/C catch a break.


— Megan Taylor


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3 Responses to Cool Down On the Way…Eventually

  1. Matt in Eugene says:

    Glad to see the blog for the area! I’ve always read the one up in Portland. Thanks, now if we’d just have some weather to actually talk about!

  2. Megan Taylor says:

    Ya, the weather is pretty boring in the summer, but I’m sure it won’t be too much longer and big changes will come in that will last more than a week at a time! Thanks for reading, and let us know if there is any topic you’d like us to talk about!

  3. Matt in Eugene says:

    The reason I’ve liked the blog in Portland, is that Mark Nielsen is much more blunt in what he thinks could happen. As when your infront of the camera you have to be pretty conservative.

    I’ve enjoyed people posting their local observations. Especially if we get snow or thunder. And also all the interpertations of the models and such. I’m a complete rookie with the models, but like hearing other thoughts.

    I spent some time in the midwest a couple of years back. And really miss the weather there.

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