Very Active Atlantic!

Courtesy: National Hurricane Center

Right now we have three named storms in the Atlantic: Hurricane Katia, T.S. Maria, and T.S. Nate.

GOES Floater Satellite Imagery

Courtesy: National Hurricane Center

While Katia reached Cat 4 intensity at one point in her life, she is spinning around the outside of the Atlantic high, and was push along by shortwave that ejected from what used to be T.S. Lee.  That means she’s grabbing the ocean currents and heading out towards the UK.

GOES Floater Satellite Imagery

Courtesy National Hurricane Center

T.S. Maria is still pushing west, but is not in a favorable position to strengthen much as of now.  In fact, she is spinning beneath the Atlantic high, and is being pulled apart by higher winds in the upper level.  The NHC official track does put her close to U.S. soil by the end of the forecast period, but is it not clear yet at what intensity she would hit the U.S. if she does at all.

GOES Floater Satellite Imagery

Courtesy: National Hurricane Center

The latest storm to join the party is Tropical Storm Nate.  Nate is on the cusp of becoming a hurricane, and will likely do so by tomorrow afternoon. Right now models are pulling the storm hard west, and making landfall in the central Mexico peninsula.  However, the NHC is pulling the track a little further north, with a slight chance of extreme southern Texas getting some of the impact.  That would not be a terrible scenario if they caught a weak band or two coming in considering the massive drought that is currently occurring, as well as numerous fires.  However, hurricane force winds and severe weather with torrential rain would only make matters worse.


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